April 27, 2012

Visual Supply Co finally announced it's release of their new iPhone app called VSCO Cam. There have been a lot of people waiting on this app including myself. Since the presets for Lightroom, Aperture and Adobe Camera Raw are a big hit, I was hoping for something on my iPhone that would give me similar results. I really think they nailed it.

There are people reporting issues with the app. That's expected if you ask me. What app doesn't have release bugs? The app has crashed several times when I have been editing. That will get worked out on their first update. At least that's what I expect from a company that is all about a quality product. That is why they pushed the release date of the app. They strive for quality!

So what do you get?

When you open the app, it defaults to the camera screen with an overlay grid. I wish the grid was off by default instead of on. You have the option of turning off the grid in the options button. You can turn the flash on and off and reverse the camera. Once you take a few photos, you can view them in a grid or you can double tap a photo to view it in full screen and then swipe to scroll through them.

You get several icons along the bottom of your photo when one is selected in the small grid view or in full screen view. Those icons are:

  1. Magnifying glass - This returns to the small grid view
  2. Paintbrush - This is the edit button
  3. Talk bubble - This is your share button for email, twitter, facebook and instagram
  4. Frame with an arrow - This is to process the image and save it to your phones library. You can select multiple photos to process at one time
  5. Trash can - This deletes a photo

When you choose the photo you want, select it and hit your little paintbrush. It will take you to a new screen with 3 black and white choices and 7 color options. Just tap on the numbers until you get a look that you want. You also get the option to reset the image or undo. If you are happy with the image, hit done. It will apply what you have done to the photo and take you back to the grid view of your photos. If you want to tweak the image further, just hit the little wrench to fine tune.

The wrench icon is their way of giving you a toolkit like in Lightroom. The options they give you are fade, grain, contrast, temperature, fill, exposure, vignette, saturation and highlights. This gives you more control over the look you are going for. That pretty much sums up the app. Simple and to the point.

I think they did an awesome job on the release of this app. The colors you get are awesome. There are a lot of apps out there, but this app gives me more of what I am looking for when processing images on my phone.

Here is a small list of things I want to see added to the app:

  1. A crop tool with aspect ratios (They mentioned that they are going to be working on it)
  2. A straigten tool
  3. A brush feature. This would make this app so much more bad ass
  4. Maybe an option to publish to tumblr
  5. Save to Dropbox
  6. This might be way to much to ask, but a folder system to organize photos. I can dream, right?

Here are a few samples from a quick walk in downtown Oklahoma City